The Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Student Award

Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg

Fiber Art Student Award

Every 3 years, the Textile Study Group of New York (TSGNY) announces a call for entries for the Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award.

The winner will receive a $1500 award, a one-year TSGNY membership and an invitation to present his/her fiber artwork in the June 2018 TSGNY meeting held in New York City. Students’ entries will be juried by the TSGNY Student Award Committee.

College students and graduate students who create fiber artwork and who are matriculated in a college, school, or university in CT, DC, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, and VT, are invited to submit their fiber artwork for the award. There are no entry fees and students do NOT need to join the TSGNY in order to enter.

The TSGNY defines fiber art as “fine art made with flexible materials.” Fiber artworks may be flat or sculptural, functional or non-functional. There are absolutely no limitations on materials, which may be natural or man-made. Techniques include (but are not limited to) tapestries, quilts, basketry, needlework, hangings, crochet, beadwork, weaving, embroidery, knotting, jewelry, surface design, knitting, costumes, collage, soft sculpture, and wearables. Non-fiber artworks that are constructed with textile techniques are also eligible.

Students must submit a maximum of ten images of original work, an artist statement, resume, proof of student status, and fill out the entry form. Create a folder, titled with your first and last name, on google doc/drive that includes all the requirements and share folder with

Submission deadline: (to be announced). 

TSGNY Recognizes And Encourages The Achievements
Of Young Fiber Artists
With The Nancy And Harry Koenigsberg Student Award.

Jungil Hong, a graduate student at Rhode Island School of Design at the time of the award, was selected to receive the 2015 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Student award which was presented to her at TSGNY's April 2015 meeting. She wrote:

The universe is built from pattern and repetition.  Whether found in natural or human built systems; from a ripple effect in standing water to a city's infrastructure, my focus is on pattern, it's behavior, and the forms created when it comes into contact with another such system.

Eliza Squibb, a junior at the Rhode Island School of Design, was selected to receive the 2012 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Student Award which she received in person at TSGNY's June 2012 meeting.  

Gulia Huber, a graduate student in sculpture at Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, won the 2008 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award which was presented to her at TSGNY's April 2008 meeting.

Rachel Hayes, a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University, was the winner of the 2005 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award which was presented to her at TSGNY's June 2005 meeting.

Rebecca Turbow, a senior at the Massachusetts College of Art, was presented with the 2003 award at TSGNY's June 2003 meeting.

*The Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award is named in honor of Nancy Koenigsberg, a founding member of the Textile Study Group of New York, and her husband.