The TEXTILE STUDY GROUP OF NEW YORK has been invited by Chunghie Lee to have a exhibit of our work to be shown as part of the Korea Bojagi Forum 2018 in Seoul, Korea (May 31-June 3). This is an exhibit open to all full members of TSGNY.

If you are considering entering, please email Kim Svoboda to receive details and updates as they come.

Prospectus below. For more information about KBF2018 go to:


SIZE: 20"x24" (horizontal or vertical) Pieces could be rectangular or have irregular shapes with the widest and longest parts corresponding to those dimensions
ENTRY FEE: $50. This is a discounted rate to TSGNY. Artists entering other shows will pay $100.
March 31, 2018 – Images and descriptions needed
May 10, 2018 – art work to arrive in Korea
COLOR: Red + one other color (w/possibly a 3rd color as accent if needed) 

NOTE: There is no entry form at the moment and we are not accepting any entry fees at the moment. Those details will come. This is the moment to ask all the questions we might have about this exhibition.

Work need not be literally bojagi, but should have bojagi as a point of departure. Concepts of patching and wrapping more important than technical accuracy. Work can be made of material other than fabric – e.g., paper, other pliable material. It does not have to be sewn.

  • An artist can submit more than one piece if there is a relationship, as in a series.
  • Artists can send pieces to Korea individually, as for the last show.
  • Every piece will be shown in a full-color catalog.
  • Work should be unframed, ready to hang.


The Korea Bojagi Forum 2018 will take place at SETEC, a convention center in Seoul, and possibly another venue – still to be determined. 

Patricia Malarcher is our liaison with Chunghie Lee in Korea.