WELCOME to the Textile Study Group of New York (TSGNY)

We are a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting the fiber arts—
the diverse professional activities, disciplines, and media that coalesce to bring
vitality and excitement to the world of FIBER ART today. 

Our next meeting: Wednesday, January 16 
Guest Speaker: TAMIKO KAWATA

Please join us at 6PM for Our Pre-Meeting:
”Conversation with Artists: The Expressive Stitch”

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TSGNY BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Kim Svoboda, President / Debie Morris, Vice-President / Alyn Evans, Secretary-Treasurer
Teresa Berger / Joan Diamond / Frannie Logan / Elaine Longtemps / Barbara Maxey / Rodica Tenenbaum
Nancy Koenigsberg, Founder
Marguerite Wolfe, Presidents Emeritus