February 15 GUEST SPEAKER:

Meeting Information
Wed., February 15 2017 at 7 pm

Free for TSGNY’s Full, Donor, and Student Members. $10.00 for Newsletter Subscription Members and Guests. Admission fees support TSGNY’s Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award.

Meeting Location
Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist 40 E. 35th St. (between Park & Madison Avenues), New York, NY. (Entrance at street level on the far right of the church itself; doorway marked #40.)



March 15, 2017
Mo Kelman

April 19, 2017
Linda Colsh

May 17, 2017

June 21, 2017
Members' Works

They Are Coming in 10 Minutes

They Are Coming in 10 Minutes

Not At All , site specific performance

Not At All, site specific performance

Carissa Carman’s multidisciplinary artwork includes playful site specific interventions; pseudo–purposeful yet soulful and generous. Her performances, sculptures and printed materials reference already established systems, occupations, and skills while maintaining the aesthetic of the handmade.

Her work incorporates social activity, collaboration and public interventions that infuse botany, food, agriculture and communication alongside portable objects and structures.

Her collaborative practice partners with artists and professionals to negotiate the exchange of trade skills as a pioneer of do-it-yourself interpretations. Carman uses bogus instructions and surprising structural and innovative riffs on expectations of each object’s function. 


The 6pm Pre-Meeting Program: Book Discussion with Patricia Malarcher

Patricia Malarcher will discuss a recently published book that she edited, “Wings of a Ragtag Quest".  The book is a collection of 12 travel journals by Pat’s friend, Nell Battle Booker Sonnemann, who sold her house to finance her many global expeditions for collection, research, and photography on traditional appliqué, which she felt was a dying art.  Sonnemann was an award winning artist and a professor of art.  Her original intention of exploration and academic study (on appliqué), changed into a personal search on the roots of culture and the meaning of preservation and participation.  We are lucky to have Patricia share with us the soft cover saddle-stitched books and insights!

Come join us for some textile armchair travel! 6:00.  February 15th.


If you have an idea or suggestion for an upcoming 6:00pm Pre-Meeting Program, contact Joan Diamond to discuss your presentation and available dates.