Ann Coddington Rast

Ann Coddington Rast

Meeting Information
Wed., October 19, 2016 at 7 pm

Free for TSGNY’s Full, Donor, and Student Members. $10.00 for Newsletter Subscription Members and Guests. Admission fees support TSGNY’s Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award.

Meeting Location
Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist 40 E. 35th St. (between Park & Madison Avenues), New York, NY. (Entrance at street level on the far right of the church itself; doorway marked #40.)



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Members' Works

“My artwork borrows the technique of twining from the traditional craft of basketry to create a sculptural expression of my beliefs and experiences and of how they are sensed by the body. I am intrigued by the process of and differences between feeling and knowing; body and mind.” -- Ann Coddington Rast

Ann Coddington Rast is an artist who aligns herself with the basketry movement but works within a larger narrative to push the boundaries of basketry into large-scale narrative sculpture. However, Rast explores the techniques of basketry in new ways. There is still a reference to “basket”, but the form of the work is used to further concepts and address ideas of memory and the fine line between physical and emotional states.

Coddington Rast chooses her materials and techniques based on their ability to achieve her intended forms. She also, purposefully intends for the whole to be stronger than each part. When a body of work is viewed as a whole, the installation is poetically narrative from a variety of physical and psychological points of view that each piece when viewed in isolation does not reveal. It is this element that makes her work distinctive.

From Bringing Fiber to Art and Art to Fiber by Jo Stealey

The 6pm Pre-Meeting Program
Video viewing of the Korea Bojagi Forum installations at the Suwon I Park Museum and 3 other galleries that held Bojagi exhibitions at the time of the Forum.

Also, see images of all of the entries to the Yardworks show.


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