Contemporary Embroidery

Erin Endicott

Erin Endicott

Meeting Information
Wed., November 16, 2016 at 7 pm

Free for TSGNY’s Full, Donor, and Student Members. $10.00 for Newsletter Subscription Members and Guests. Admission fees support TSGNY’s Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award.

Meeting Location
Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist 40 E. 35th St. (between Park & Madison Avenues), New York, NY. (Entrance at street level on the far right of the church itself; doorway marked #40.)



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To stitch; a thread or line that holds things together – this is the literal translation of the ancient Sanskrit word “sutra”.

I’m particularly intrigued by the concept of inherited wounds; specific patterns, behaviors, reactions that we are born with – already seeded into our psyche at birth. By bringing these dark areas into the light, by making them visible, I believe we can heal these wounds. Some people talk through their issues to bring healing, some write them out to shed light on them, I choose to make them into visible, visceral objects.

-- Erin Endicott

Erin is a 2012 recipient of a New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship.

The 6pm Pre-Meeting Program: WHAT INSPIRES YOU?

Get ready to be inspired and inspire others!  For a show-and-tell pre-meeting this month please bring a piece you have dyed, printed, designed, stitched, manipulated…whatever!… and tell us all about it!!

There are no restrictions with this, so your piece can be your current project, still to be completed, something you are at a standstill with, or something resolved, completed, and ready for the world to see!.

Please contact me, Joan Diamond, earlier rather then later that you are bringing in a piece, so that logistically I can plan our time.  Thanks!!


If you have an idea or suggestion for an upcoming 6:00pm Pre-Meeting Program, contact Joan Diamond to discuss your presentation and available dates.