TSGNY Small Works at 2016 Korea Bojagi Forum (KBF)

Further Instructions for Exhibiting Artists

Chunghie Lee, international fiber artist, has invited TSGNY members to participate in an exhibition of small works in conjunction with the 2016 Korea Bojagi Forum in Suwon, South Korea. The exhibition will be on view  during the forum (September 1-5, 2016) and for about two weeks at a second venue (to be announced) in Seoul.

A full color catalog representing each exhibitor’s work will be published. At the last Bojagi Forum in 2014, 1500 visitors viewed the exhibition. The exhibition will be under supervision at all times.

Bojagi refers to traditional Korean wrapping cloth created from scraps pieced together. Work for the exhibition need not include the patchwork process used in bojagi but should in some way relate to scraps, recycling/upcycling, or accumulation.

Work will not be juried, but must conform to these requirements.

Art Requirements:
1. 2-D work, unframed
2. Size: 12” x 12”
3. Red as a prominent color
4. Preparation for hanging — e.g., an unseen loop on the back, a lightweight rod, etc.
Identification of Artwork:
1. On back of artwork(s) — labeled, stitched, bonded or attached in some other way that is secure:
  • Your name
  • Title of artwork (30 character limit)
  • Email address or postal address

2. On the back also, please indicate the top of the work with an arrow pointing UP.

NEW DEADLINE For Entry Information:

JUNE 1, 2016

Send by e-mail to Berte Schacter: schacbert@gmail.com.

1. Title of artwork(s) (30-character limit) and description: materials, process, size, and name of photographer. Send this information for each piece submitted.
2. Artist statement (a brief paragraph) on the concept informing your work.
3. A head shot of yourself (300 resolution in jpg format, 5 x 7-inch size range) file titled with your name.

Other deadlines have not changed:

JULY 15:

High-resolution images of artwork(s) (300 dpi or higher, 5 x 7-inch size range) must arrive in Korea.   Label each image with your last name and title of piece, as in Picasso_Family.jpg.  Send by e-mail to Chunghie Lee: clee@risd.edu.  



Send artwork(s) directly to Korea.  Artwork(s) and printout of artist statement must arrive in Korea via USPS Express Mail International (EMS), NOT FedEx or any other carrier, in a bubble wrap envelope.

Send to:

Chunghie Lee
#901 Imkwang, Apt. 101 Dong
291 Donggyo-ro, Seodaemun-Gu
Seoul 03716, South Korea
Tel: +(82)-2-2602-6959

Allow about a week for delivery.

The Forum will cover the expense of returning all of the art pieces to TSGNY member Deborah L. Brand.

Advisory – PLEASE NOTE:

Anticipating some conservative attendees at the International Bojagi Forum, Chunghie Lee requests that no images of nudes be submitted.

Questions? Patricia Malarcher malarcher@earthlink.net or Marguerite Wolfe mwolfenyc@gmail.com.