For many years, members of the Textile Study Group of New York have been attending monthly programs featuring artists and authorities representing all aspects of the world of fiber.

Programs during TSGNY’s 2013-2014 program year

September – Warren Seelig, influential weaver who also teaches, lectures, curates, and writes about textile subjects.
October – Luci Arai, traditional sashiko embroidery on sumi-ink painted Japanese papers.
November – Beatrice Coron, papercutter who creates silhouette designs using an X-acto knife, paper, and Tyvek.
December – Pat Oleszko, street, stage, screen performance artist whose work ranges from humorous to absurd.
January – Glenn Adamson, newly applointed Director of the Museum of Arts and Design. 
February – Nathalie Miebach, translates meteorological, ecological, and oceanographic data into woven sculptures. 
March – Cynthia Schira, early proponent of computer-based weaving with an international reputation.
April – Dorothy Gill Barnes, sculptor who works with wood she harvests from felled trees.
May – Diane Savona preserves antique clothing and tools by sewing their structures under and onto vintage cloth.
June – Show of Members' Work


September – Rebecca Ringquist embroiders her stories on cloth decoratively stitched by others at an earlier time.
October – Elin Noble specializes in itajime, a process that produces unique hand-dyed fabrics juxtaposing soft and hard edged designs.
November – Marie K. Watts is a multi-disciplinary artist whose recent work involves building structures with stacked wool blankets.
December – Holiday Celebration
January – Elizabeth D'Arrigo creates unusual work using cloth, thread, paper, wax, wire, and paint held together with stitched thread alone.
February – Suzanne Morlock repurposes trash to fashion unique, whimsical sculptures with weaving, sewing, knitting, and invented techniques.
March – Kathleen Nugent Mangan, Executive Director of the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation, spoke about Tawney’s creative life and work.
April – Ke-Sook Lee makes "simple hand embroidered drawings, using.thread as a mark-making device."
May – James Bassler, textile artist, professor, and eloquent speaker on the subject of craft, weaves extraordinary art tapestries prized by collectors.
June – Show of Members' Work


September – Mary Zicafoose, ikat weaver of tapestries and rugs featuring bold designs and strong colors created from yarns she dyes herself.
October – Paul J. Smith, Director Emeritus of the American Craft Museum, promoted contemporary crafts during a long career as curator, lecturer, and juror.
November – Cindy Hickok, free motion machine embroiderer, stitches figurative commentaries infused with a wry sense of humor.
December – Annual Holiday Celebration
January – Jerry Bleem invents elegant amoebic sculptures from ordinary, discarded, found materials using staples to shape and bind.
February – Carol Eckert coils thread-wrapped wire into shapes and scenes that reference myths and fables.
March – Debra Rapoport, explained her approach to assembling outfits "with artistic applications of color, texture, and layering" from her closet of collectibles.
April – Janet Koplos, the Juror for TSGNY’s 9x9x3: NEW VISIONS exhibition, discussed her jurying experience.
May – Jason Pollen reviewed his textile-based life as studio artist with dye and silk, designer for fashion and home furnishing firms, and educator at the KCAI Fiber Department.
June – Brief talk by Eliza Squibb, recipient of the 2012 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Student Award, followed by TSGNY’s Annual Show of Members' Work


September – Iris Apfel, fashion muse, whose flair with wardrobe assemblage from collectibles made her a “geriatric starlet.”
October – Hollie Heller-Ramsay develops layered collages using an eclectic array of techniques featuring found materials she collects.
November – Stephen Talasnik invents intricate structures that reference architecture and the influence of Japanese design.
December – Annual Holiday Party 
January – Mi-Kyoung Lee is a fine artist, fiber artist, university professor, and theatrical set and costume designer.
February – Heidi King, Senior Research Associate, Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, Metropolitan Museum ; curated an exhibition of Peruvian feather work.
March – Sheila Hicks, internationally recognized textile artist, pushes the limitations of generally accepted contexts and disciplines with pioneering work.
April – Anna King, “knots, nets, and knits with bits of string;” weaves, makes baskets and handmade paper.using natural Scottish materials.
May – Rowland Ricketts grows indigo and dyes cloth to create contemporary textiles using traditional Japanese techniques.
June – Annual Show of Members’ Work


September – Richard Saja adds irreverent “graffiti” embroidery to the 18th-century-style bucolic patterns of Toile de Jouy prints.
October – Angela Lorenz, a book artist and author who produces mixed-media, limited-edition, artists' books.
November – Jeannine Falino, curator at the Museum of Arts and Design who was preparing an exhibition of mid-twentieth-century craft.
December – Annual Holiday Party 
January – Lois Sherr Dubin, writer, curator, historian, and author of The History of Beads: From 30,000 B.C. to the Present.
February – Sheila Pepe creates large, site-specific, web-like installations using interconnected, linear elements that swing through space and cast transitory shadows.
March – Adrienne Sloane, an art knitter who hand and machine knits expressive, innovative, gallery and museum installations.
April – Elizabeth Whyte Schulze creates longleaf pine needle baskets that she paints with designs evoking primitive imagery.
May – Joanne Mattera, writer, editor, studio artist who uses the medium of encaustic to illuminate her major artistic concerns—color and geometric order.
June – Annual Show of Members’ Work


September – Emiko Toda Loeb, Japanese-American quiltmaker known for reversible quilts built using an innovative "log cabin" technique of her own invention.
October – Anne Clarke, knitter who creates wearable art, textile wall hangings, and large format digital prints; professor at Syracuse University.
November – Gail Martin; the Gail Martin Gallery specializes in ancient, antique, and ethnographic textiles, and shows the work of selected contemporary fiber artists.
December – Annual Holiday Party
January – Polly Barton, nationally recognized artist trained in Japan, weaves ikat paintings using extra fine warp and weft threads of silk.
February – Janice Arnold, felter who produces "exquisite felted fabrics," works for commercial enterprises, and collaborates with artists and designers.
March – Orly Genger uses knitting and crochet techniques to wrestle lengths of rope into scarf-like sections that she folds and layers into massive, monolithic objects.
April – Orly Cogan embroiders fantastical, feminist scenes that explore relationships and intimacy using vintage fabrics as sentimental foundations.
May – Mia Pearlman creates cut paper installations, graphite drawings, and paintings on paper that are atmospheric, ephemeral, ambiguous, and evocative.
June – Show of Members’ Work


September – Chad Patton for NUNO, one of Japan’s most influential and innovative producers of beautiful, commercial fabrics.
October – Meg Little, hand tufts rugs, cushions, and doormats with colorful, painterly, playful, geometric designs.
November – Debra Smith, creates fabric collages from recycled silk fabric, mostly kimono; owns Sakiori, a textile company based in Kansas City.
December – Annual Holiday party.
January – Thomas P Campbell, Associate Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, lectured about Tapestry in the Baroque: Threads of Splendor, an MMA exhibition he curated.
February – Susan Shie, “outsider” quilt artist and teacher, who embellishes her work with airpen drawing and autobiographical writing.
March – Ann Clarke (cancelled because weather grounded flights from Syracuse; to be re-scheduled)
April – Slides of members’ work.
May – Cyrilla Mozenter, artist who works with handmade paper and wool felt, creating two- and three-dimensional works that are primarily white.
June – Tziporah Salamon, performance artist featuring outfits assembled from her garment and accessory "finds," changed to coordinate with her autobiographical story.


September – Annika Ekdahl, weaver who experiments with tapestry limitations, scale, and digitizing to tell stories with her work.
October – Doug Beube, altered books sculpted into fantastical shapes with reconstructive/deconstructive tactics.
November – Tracy Krumm, sculpture integrating traditional textile processes with found industrial and domestic objects.
December – Annual Holiday party.
January – China Marks, sewn drawings using various fabrics, machine appliqué and embroidery to create surreal scenarios.
February – Jill Heppenheimer, co-owner of the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery selling work by garment and accessory designers; fiber conference director.
March – Sabrina Gschwandtner, combines film, sewing, knitting, and crochet for installations, participatory events, and magazine publication.
April – Janet Eschelman, large to massive sculptural installations that re-shape urban space with diaphanous materials.
May – Kevin O’Brien, textile designer whose studio creates hand-crafted fabrics for home furnishings, scarves and shawls.
June – Slides of Members’ Work.


September – Lesley Dill creates sculpture. prints. installation and performance pieces using various materials and printing processes.
October – Elena Herzog sews, stuffs, and drapes sculptural objects from old domestic materials.
November – Gary van Wyck, art historian, writer, authority on African cultures, owns a Chelsea gallery featuring South African art.
December – Holiday Party.
January – Jackie Abrams, basket maker who uses heavy cotton paper to shape woven, stitched, and layered forms.
February – Susan Martin Maffei, weaves colorful, pictorial, detailed, large and small tapestries celebrating her New York City life.
March – Jean Shin, transforms mundane, discarded objects into sculptural installation using reconstructive alterations.
April – DoHo Suh, Korean with an international reputation for large, sculptural installations of stitches fabric.
May – Xenobia Bailey, crochets colorful, sculptural, African-influenced hats, garments, wall pieces, and installations.
June – Slides of members' work.


September - Ed Bing Lee, small works created with densely packed, half-hitch knots.
October - Amy Orr, quilter who constructs surface imagery from street castoffs and other objects.
November - Angiola Churchill, elegant, ethereal, site-specific works fashioned from white paper.
December - Lewis Knauss, small, abstract. landscape interpretations constructed from natural materials.
January - Lindsay Rais, wire vessels shaped with knotless netting, studded with pistachio shells.
February - Wenda Gu, monumental installations with global social implications built using hair.
March - Slides of members' work.
April - Raylene Marasco, custom printed, dyed, painted fabrics for fashion, theatrical, and home decorating customers.
May - Margaret Hluch, quilter and weaver whose imagery chronicles personal experiences.
June - Jorie Johnson, felter who fabricates clothing and accessories using innovative processes and materials.