TSGNY RED + ONE   /   Korea Bojagi Forum 2018

March 28, 2018



The TEXTILE STUDY GROUP OF NEW YORK has been invited by Chunghie Lee to have an exhibit of our work to be shown as part of the Korea Bojagi Forum 2018 in Seoul, Korea (May 31-June 3). This is an exhibit open to all full members of TSGNY.

DEBIE MORRIS (debiemorris@gmail.com) will be the registrar for this exhibition. DEBIE will be collecting bios, entry forms and images to send to Korea. We will send you updates and post them on the website (http://www.tsgny.org/red-plus-one/) – such as shipping details – as soon as we get them.

Work need not be literally Bojagi, but should have Bojagi as a point of departure. Concepts of patching and wrapping more important than technical accuracy. Work can be made of material other than fabric – e.g., paper, other pliable material. It does not have to be sewn.

Work will not be juried, but must conform to these requirements.
Art Requirements:
1.  2-D work, unmounted, unframed
2.  Size: 20” x 24” (either horizontal or vertical)
3.  COLOR: Red + one other color (w/possibly a 3rd color as accent if needed) 
4.  Preparation for hanging — e.g., an unseen loop on the back, a lightweight rod, etc.

NOTE: We have no information about how deep a piece might extend from the wall. We can only go with the guidance we have in REQUIREMENT #1.


Identification of Artwork:
On back of artwork(s) -- labeled, stitched, bonded or attached in some other way that is secure:
a.     Your name
b.     Title of artwork (30-character limit)
c.     Email address or postal address
d.     On the back also, please indicate the top of the work with an arrow pointing UP


BIOS needed ASAP: NOW!!!!!
Participating artists are asked to send a short (2-3 sentence) bio to be used by organizer Chunghie Lee for grant proposals. Please send your bio to Debie Morris at debiemorris@gmail.com


Send by e-mail to Debie Morris  (debiemorris@gmail.com) .
1. Title of artwork(s) (30-character limit) and description:  materials, process, size, and name of photographer. Send this information for each piece submitted.
2. Artist statement (a brief paragraph) on the concept informing your work


($50/check or money order) ($54 PayPal)
ENTRY FEES will be accepting beginning FEB 1, 2018.

In order to simplify the international currency exchange, TSGNY will be collecting all entry fees and forwarding them to the Korea Bojagi Forum 2018. 

The entry fee is $50 if you are paying by cash, check or money order. Checks should be made out to TEXTILE STUDY GROUP OF NEW YORK and mailed to TSGNY, PO Box 3592, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163.

If you are paying via PAYPAL, the total charge will be $53.50. ($50 for the entry fee and $3.50 to cover processing fees.) A PayPal button is being created and will be put on the WEBSITE ASAP.

Please note that the deadline for the entry form and fee is EARLIER than the due date for your digital image.

(An artist can submit more than one piece if there is a relationship, as in a series. A separate entry fee will apply to each work in a series.)


MARCH 31, 2018: DEADLINE for IMAGES to be submitted  
High-resolution images of artwork(s) (300 dpi or higher, 5 x 7-inch size range). Label each image with your last name and title of piece, as in Picasso_Family.jpg.  Send by e-mail to debiemorris@gmail.com 


Each artist will be responsible for shipping their own work(s) directly to Korea. The work is to be shipped via USPS Express Mail International (EMS) – NOT FedEx or any other carrier. Allow one week for delivery.

NOTE: Detailed shipping instructions to come. This is what we currently know about shipping

Advisory – PLEASE NOTE
Anticipating some conservative attendees at the International Bojagi Forum in Korea, Chunghie Lee requests that no images of nudes be submitted.

Click here to register for RED + ONE

Email to: debiemorris@gmail.com or kim.svoboda.nyc@gmail.com. Patricia Malarcher is our ongoing liaison with Chunghie Lee.


For more information about KBF2018 go to: http://www.koreabojagiforum.com/